Special Process


溫壓粉產品Warm Compacting Process

The preheating temperature for warm press can range from 130 to 150 degrees Celsius. With a single pressing, the density can reach 7.3g/cm³, and the mechanical strength can be increased by 10 to 15%. This method is suitable for producing components with higher strength requirements.

Warm Compacting Process

真空燒結爐Vacuum Sintering Furnaces

The sintering temperature of the vacuum furnace ranges from 1280 to 1310 °C, providing an excellent sintering temperature and enabling rapidly raise the temperature which reduces heating time and improves sintering efficiency.

The high-temperature sintering process ensures good uniformity and takes place in a high-vacuum heating environment, resulting in increased purity and density. This leads to a reduction in hardness but improves in strength, higher melting resistance, enhanced rust resistance, and ultimately, an improvement in product quality.

Vacuum Sintering Furnaces